Start up :: Franchising

We develop our client ideas trough a comprehensive strategic consultation 

One of the most critical phase in a project life is start-up. During this period constant attention, flexibility and timely responses are the keys to future growth. WR Consulting is capable of responding to these needs by carefully basing its project planning on the Monitor Retail, a powerful tool that ensures accurate knowledge of the market, prospect customers and competitors.

Every retail project that we develop, both direct and in franchising, is based on benchmark analysis, feasibility studies, new formats and network development.

We invest significant time and effort in analyzing and updating our knowledge of demand, offer and relative positioning. This knowledge base offers a unique perspective on the potential clients, target markets and the most attractive locations. 

  • Benchmarking

  • Surveys

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Format Ananlisys

  • Network Design

Network Development

A complete new breed of services to grow the distribution network and increase the number of retail points 

We leverage our twenty years of experience, relationships, personal contacts and market analysis to sustain the recommendation we offer to our client and to ensure its success.

We offer our expertise in determining the locations in city centers, shopping malls, factory outlets, train stations and airports, that maximize the outcome of a temporary or permanent store investment.  

We assist those companies that are experiencing less than optimal performances with their retail networks in relocating, disposing or dismissing non-strategic properties. We also intervene in updating the store concept and selecting new store locations.

We use the information contained in the Monitor Retail to identify the consumer base of every distribution chain, existing or new coming, and the interaction with competing chains.

These capabilities and tools are the main reasons why many of the leading firms in the industry have chosen WR Consulting to guide and support them with their development plans.

  • market ananlisys

  • Benchmarking

  • Development plan

  • location selection

  • Relocation

Performance Increase

We sustain our client in increasing network performances, measuring the efficiency of our actions  

We have created a new set of tools especially designed for measuring and improving every aspect of the retail industry, from store evaluation to opportunity identification. These services guarantee the most profitable outcome for an expansion project, which ends in the identification of the most profitable locations for a new store opening.

We apply our model both to existing networks and to under development ones. We are able to clearly identify the financial impact of our recommendation, by forecasting future customers and income of new stores.

We customize our development plans in order to meet the different needs and objectives of our customers, simplify the entire process and ensure the profitability of every store.

  • Network evaluation

  • opportunities map

  • revenue estimates

  • relocation

  • location selection

Monitor Retail

Monitor Retail is WR’s strategic platform that makes possible to systematically classify every retail network (department stores, shopping malls and factory outlets) by its performance level, with unmatched precision, thoroughness and flexibility.

We have systematically analyzed every data and information that enters in our knowledge base. We also periodically analyze any significant variation that may occur, and use this information to update our database.

Monitor Retail contains complete data on every retail network in Italy, their rating model, shops, consumer base and competitive landscape.

We have created the largest, most detailed and updated observatory in the retail industry. We offer all this information to our clients, in order to help them succeed on the market.

Monitor Retail News

We publish our insights on the new tendencies and opportunities in the retail industry.

Already more than 3000 between manager, retailers, investors, journalists and retail industry professionals subscribe to Monitor Retail News.

You can receive our Monitor Retail News through our Newsletter.   

Information and Coaching

We enrich the image and improve the performance of your business through specialized knowledge and professional training.

We maintain preferred relationships with industry publications, off and online, and professional partners, which help us improving our client visibility and brand value. In order to do so, we exploit the most effective communication and marketing tools.     

Our consultants are also lecturers in the Master of Store & Retail Management at Sole 24 Ore Business School, bringing our expertise, case studies and discussions to the future managers in the industry.

Our commitment and contribution to every aspect of the retail industry provide better visibility to our clients and make their organizations attractive to qualified candidates for strategic positions. This helps reducing complexity, cost and time needed to determine the best type of communication and to find human resources best suited to win in a competitive market.